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Morpho didius bilateral gynandromorph


Polythysania cinerascens male

2:00 am May 23, 2020.....caught this once in a lifetime happy.  Look at all the purple bleeding into the HWs. This is a REAL purple spring Actias luna. 

Sample Photo 3

My gynandromorph A. polyphemus from Unicoi Co.,TN at the top of a mountain from July 2018. 

Sample Photo 4

Verso of the same moth..

Sample Photo 5

My Catocala marmorata drawer......Holy Grails of Catocalas imho.  I was lucky enough to have collected 23 of these in one 90 minute span in August of 2019 in NC w my buddy Eric.  That was a magical night.  He caught 35 the night before, called me, and 16 hours later I was at his house to collect that next night. It was awesome and none were seen in the following nights.  I guess the conditions were perfect....moon, humidity, temps, etc. until then, I had only caught one at the top of a mountain in TN and Eric had given me 15 more making the drawer:)

Sample Photo 6

My reared black Anthereae polyphemus moths from 2018.  Now, that strain/source has died out making such moths even more special.  I tried mating the adults to no avail.  They were weak, genetically, and needed outbreeding, but none would mate.  I lost abt 10 more black specimens trying to get matings.  Many more enclosed as cripples, or I would have had double what you see.  Not complaining, though, as I was blessed to have gotten what I did.