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Grading specimens as A1 "ex-pupae" ---- for 100% of Top Dollar

This designation is considered 'the ultimate' pristine condition.  Such a specimen is "mint/proof" with untouched virtual flawlessness.  It was most likely dispatched very soon after emergence and is perfect in every way.  Such a stated condition is unusual and should be used with descretion/care so as to avoid issues/complaints.

Such a determination should command 100% of the top dollar for the specimen being sold, traded, purchased, or listed.


Note 1:  All specimens are technically 'ex-pupae', but I am taking the meaning as to mean that the A1 specimen is virtually perfect because it was dispatched SOON after emerging.


[A1 'ex-pupae' ] Ornithoptera croesus

This specimen looks as though it just emerged.  It is 'un-beatable' condition-wise.

[ A1 'ex-pupae' ] Papilio hoppo

This specimen is not missing a single scale and is 'picture perfect'.

[ A1 'ex-pupae' ] Callithea optima

This butterfly is just 'pure' and 'untouched'.  It has no flight wear and was probably killed soon after emergence. 

[ A1 'ex-pupae' ] Parthenos sylvia butlerinus

The specimen here is virtually flawless.  It looks as though it just emerged and maybe never took to flight.

[A1 'ex pupae'] Agrias phalcidon fournierae

This little gem is awesome.  What looks like a veination flaw is light reflecting from taking the photo.

[A1 'ex pupae'] Charaxes andranodorus

Simply 'mint' condition

[A1 ex-pupae] Idea kwashotoensis

Not a scale out of place :o