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Cork-Ease pieces are platforms to use to put drops of Cedar Oil on. 

Put 3 or 4 drops of Cedar Oil on each cork platform.

Brief Description

The Ratio is 1 or 2 tsp. of Cedar Oil to a qt. of distilled water. One is tempted to 'up' the ratio, but it does not work that way. The seller of the product strongly recommends a dillute ratio so as to make airborne the oil that repels dermestids. Also, the particular oil that repels the dermestids is not the one we humans smell when we smell cedar.

The Cork pieces are sticky on the back, so I dip each sticky side into some Plaster of Paris so as to not have any 'sticky disasters'. I have since bought and used regular cork sheeting and cut them into 1" x 1" pieces and I use a #4 or #5 pin to hold up the platform.

I position the cork just about 3-5 mms off the plastizoate bottom. This allows me to have butterfly wings go up and over the cork as needed.

I have not seen any evidence of the Cedar Oil harming the pinning bottom at all.  I have about 5 different bottoms and none have suffered from using this.

I don't really notice the corks that much when looking at a drawer full of specimens.

Once a year, I take a foam brush and very lightly 'paint'(apply) a thin coat of cedar oil on the wood lips of the drawers.   This has to be done very lightly so one does not warp or cause sticking of the drawer tops.

Do you see the 3 cork pieces in this drawer below?

I guess it comes down to my not wanting to inhale the fumes of the past, like PCB and Vapona in particular.  I am trusting this system of Cedar Oil (with regular inspections) with my collection of over forty years.  I am very pleased so far. 

3 Cork pieces for the large drawer (2' x2')

One of my 2' x 2' custom drawers made by my good friend Tom Payne with my O. paradiseas.